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Congratulations on completing this 7 day challenge.  My hope is that you found it to be beneficial and that you were able to get a taste for what working on your accented English looks like.

This challenge was just an introduction to some speaking techniques to help you to sound more natural when speaking English. There is much more that you can accomplish, including learning the intonation patterns of North American English, learning how to produce the vowels and consonants, and having multiple speaking opportunities to practice with feedback and instruction from me.

I offer a variety of programs, from self-study to intense 1:1 training or a combination of both.  Click below to find out more.


from completing one of my programs


Benefit #1

The instruction and encouragement you receive comes from knowledge and expertise working with individuals wishing to improve their communication skills.


Benefit #2

The changes you make in your speaking skills will be lasting.


Benefit #3

The ability to speak English in any environment will come with growth in your confidence.


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