Hi! My name is              Lori Nagel

I believe that the ability to communicate should never be a barrier to living your fullest life.

Every immigrant has a story, goals, and dreams.

My mission is to help you embrace opportunities, maximize your potential, and ensure that no one feels lonely due to communication barriers.

A little bit about me…


I am Lori Nagel, the founder of SpeechTraining4ESL.  You might say I’m driven by a profound commitment to help highly educated immigrants in healthcare professions communicate effectively in English.

My journey into this field began during volunteer work at my local church and library, where I discovered the immense challenges faced by immigrants due to communication barriers. Witnessing their potential being hindered in both personal and professional spheres ignited a passion within me.

How I got started…


My dedication to speech-language pathology took root during my college years at the University of Iowa. Early exposure to the field resonated deeply, leading me to specialize in a profession centered on relationships with clients. The essence of my philosophy is rooted in the belief that the person we are known to be is the one we communicate to others.  That may not always be our true self if there is a barrier to that communication. This philosophy has driven my work with clients, focusing not only on language skills but also on fostering meaningful connections and understanding.

With degrees from top universities, including a Bachelor of Science from the University of Iowa and a Master of Science from the University of Arizona, my educational foundation is robust. Throughout my career, I’ve worked across various settings, developing expertise in diagnosing and treating diverse communication challenges.

My journey expanded to include accent modification training and teaching English as a foreign language, broadening my ability to address the unique needs of immigrants. I’ve honed my skills in providing remote education, ensuring effective communication is accessible wherever you are.

Here are additional credentials and certifications I’ve obtained.

  • 20 hours of continuing education in accent consulting to obtain Preferred Trainer Status with LDS & Associates
  • P-ESL (Pronouncing English as a Second Language) Accent Modification Method Instructor Certification from the Institute of Language and Phonology
speech trainer accent modification
  • 120 Hour Master TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certificate with the 40 Hour English Grammar Endorsement from the Bridge Education Group

My mission…


A quote by Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein “The limits of my language means the limits of my world” resonates deeply with me.  It encapsulates the core of my mission—to empower immigrants to showcase their true selves, break down barriers, and connect authentically.  Every client I meet is an opportunity to unlock untold stories, wisdom, and richness that may have remained concealed without the power of effective communication.

One meaningful encounter that stands out is with a dear lady from China, navigating a five-year stay in the U.S.  Her diligence in learning English not only expanded her language skills but also deepened our connection. Through patience, acceptance, and tailored guidance, I witnessed her transformation into a confident communicator, and we developed a genuine friendship.

This is why you should work with me…


When you choose SpeechTraining4ESL, you are not just getting knowledge.  You are receiving a comprehensive assessment and program of speech, language, and communication.

As a speech language pathologist, I am a trained listener, evaluator, and educator.

I am dedicated to understanding your unique needs and guiding you toward success in your professional communication journey.

Giving back to the community…


I am blessed with the opportunity to work with the international community at my church.

I volunteer with our conversational English class weekly along with facilitating a bible study with our international women.

It is a true joy to get to know people from all walks of life as they come to work on their English communication skills and be in relationships with others.

On a less serious note…

I am a diehard Hawkeye fan and lover of spaniels.  Though born and raised in Iowa, I have had the privilege of living out west for many years.  I love to ski, snowshow, hike, bike, camp and fish. There is no place I’d rather be than somewhere in the mountains above treeline.

  • National parks I've visited in the United States 43% 43%
  • States I've either lived in or been to 76% 76%
  • Amount of time I wish I could hike, camp, ski or snowshoe 100% 100%

Thank you for considering SpeechTraining4ESL as your partner in unlocking the full potential of your professional communication skills.

Together, let’s embark on a transformative communication journey!

What My Clients Are Saying

Lori is an outstanding trainer/teacher who goes above and beyond to inspire and educate her students. Her passion for teaching, depth of knowledge, and genuine care for her students make her an invaluable asset to the learning community. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her, and I highly recommend her as a trainer/teacher to anyone seeking to enhance their English language skills. The greatest benefit I received from this English-speaking program was the significant improvement in my language fluency and communication skills. Through immersive learning experiences, interactive discussions, and continuous practice, I have honed my ability to articulate thoughts and ideas confidently in English. This program has provided me with the confidence to engage in meaningful conversations, conduct presentations, and express myself effectively in various professional and social settings. I am proud of the progress I have made, and I am excited to continue utilizing my enhanced English proficiency to achieve my academic and career goals. I would highly recommend this English course to any friend or colleague seeking to improve their language skills. This course has been an exceptional learning experience, providing comprehensive and engaging content that caters to learners of all levels. I am confident that anyone who enrolls in this course will benefit greatly and witness remarkable improvements in their English proficiency.

Clariana V,


“Lori was an outstanding teacher, patient, kind, resourceful, and knowledgeable.” The greatest benefit from this program is “I could understand better where I can place my tongue to pronounce certain consonants and vowels appropriately. l also understand the nuances of when you are supposed to release air or not. North American English has many words the pronunciation doesn’t match the spelling. Great program” I would recommend this program because “It would help them to feel more confident and understandable. It is so upsetting when people don’t understand you. I lost a client because he said that he couldn’t understand me.”

Leo B

Mental Health Therapist

Outstanding teacher! She gives strong knowledge and practice. My coworkers understand me without repetition of what I have already said. I'm happy finishing this course! I have a plan to take another one.

As a foreigner English speaker I was always conscious about my accent and if I am understood by native speakers. Sometimes it had a negative effect on my self-esteem when I was having trouble communicating because of my accent. This program helped me to understand better the differences between vowel sounds and which area of the mouth creates the sounds. It helps a lot to be understood by native Americans. Practicing the materials that Lori provides and listening and imitating the native speaker I think helped me a lot understanding the concept. Lori patiently explains and helps you to understand the concept of the American accents. Her ability to transform her knowledge to something practical for the her students She is encouraging the student to practice the materials between classes and sent recording for her feedback which I think is very helpful .

My 11 year old son started working with Lori due to a severe underbite. This underbite kept him from pronouncing S’s correctly and he also dropped his R’s. Lori worked with him tirelessly for over a year, giving him exercises to do every night. He did them willingly! I still don’t know how she motivated an 11 year old boy to work so closely with her, but she did. He is now almost 14, on his second phase of orthodontia and his R’s are completely correct and the S’s are standing firm. Lori’s program was a lifesaver for a boy that lost confidence easily because people could not understand him. He has performed in three theater performances! Amazing!



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