Improve your English language communication skills 

Are you a non-native speaker of North American English?

Do you work in the healthcare space?

Are you frustrated with breakdowns in communication and don’t know what to do about them?


You are in the right place.

I am a speech clarity expert and English language teacher.  My mission is to help professionals in the healthcare space improve their English communication skills with their colleagues, patients, students and families.  I implement individualized programs to address immediate and long-term communication needs.  The end result is my clients experience success in all communication situations.

My method is unique.  I provide training in the 3 P’s of English communication for the workplace: pronunciation of North American English, perfection of English language skills for wiring and speaking, and preparation of presentations, lecures, seminars and more.

My Method

Top ten things you need to know about my programs

1.  one on one or group coaching

2.  Individualized program developed for you from your assessments and your personal concerns.

3.  Pronunciation training ins speaking North American English clealry and naturally provided by a three-pronged approach:  Intonation, Vowels, Consonants

4.  English languge development in speaking and writing addressed. Learn experessions for social and business situations; strenghthen your vocabulary; master English language grammar.

5.  Preparation for organized lectures/seminars/presentations.  Practice in sessions and receive real-time feedback.

6.  Coaching is onoline.  I see clients from all over the world.  With flexible scheduling, we can work together when it’s most convenient for you.

7.  Proactice speaking practice activities with recordings in between sessions to further strengthen skills you are learning.

8.  Expecation of increased confidence in your ability to communicate in English.

9.  Employer reimbursement

10.  Pace is flexible and can be intense or relaxed depending on you.





We will work in blocks of 20, hour-long sessions that can be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly.  Most students can address the majority of their pronunciation skills in that time.  Some find they prefer a less intense approach and decide 2 twenty-week blocks is a better pace that gives them time to work on more of their English communication needs.

Reimbursement for professional development

Will my employer pay for this?  Yes.  In my experience, students have been successful in obtaining reimbursement for my programs through their employer.  We will work together to write and submit a proposal to your company’s appropriate human resources professional requesting payment as a professional develoipment course.  Upon completion of the program, you will receive a certificate which you may wish to submit to your company.


What else should you know.....

My 20-week programs are $2800.  This includes a brief assessment of English language communication skills in pronunciation, speaking, writing and comprehension, along with materials, classes and emails.  

Would you like to chat first to see if my programs are a good fit for you?  I’d love to.  Please schedule a free, 30-minute consulation with me here

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