Outstanding teacher! She gives strong knowledge and practice. My coworkers understand me without repetition of what I have already said. I'm happy finishing this course! I have a plan to take another one.
Aleksey O.

As a foreigner English speaker I was always conscious about my accent and if I am understood by native speakers. Sometimes it had a negative effect on my self-esteem when I was having trouble communicating because of my accent. This program helped me to understand better the differences between vowel sounds and which area of the mouth creates the sounds. It helps a lot to be understood by native Americans. Practicing the materials that Lori provides and listening and imitating the native speaker I think helped me a lot understanding the concept. Lori patiently explains and helps you to understand the concept of the American accents. Her ability to transform her knowledge to something practical for the her students She is encouraging the student to practice the materials between classes and sent recording for her feedback which I think is very helpful .
Rebecca M.

My 11 year old son started working with Lori due to a severe underbite. This underbite kept him from pronouncing S’s correctly and he also dropped his R’s. Lori worked with him tirelessly for over a year, giving him exercises to do every night. He did them willingly! I still don’t know how she motivated an 11 year old boy to work so closely with her, but she did. He is now almost 14, on his second phase of orthodontia and his R’s are completely correct and the S’s are standing firm. Lori’s program was a lifesaver for a boy that lost confidence easily because people could not understand him. He has performed in three theater performances! Amazing!
Janet W.

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