Courses and Services
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  • All Things Intonation 7 Week Course/ 7 Live Sessions

  • All Things Intonation 7 Week Recorded Course + 4 Live Sessions

  • All Things Intonation 7 Week Recorded Course: Self Study

  • Language Proficiency Assessment

  • jaw my speech elevator and orofacial myology treatment

    Orofacial myology treatment sessions

  • Pardon me? Can you repeat that? 10 days to speaking more clearly through barriers like masks, face shields, phone & online

  • Self-Study Accent Modification Course

  • speech sound and orofacial myology assessment

    Speech Sound/ Orofacial Myology Assessment

  • speech therapy sessions

    Speech Therapy Individual Sessions

  • complete program to speak north american english clearly and naturally

    Complete Program to Speak North American English Clearly and Naturally

  • English Language Tutoring Single Session

  • English language tutoring session and packages

    English Language Tutoring Package of 3 Sessions


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