Presentations Excellence Course


Shine in every presentation with my Presentations Excellence Course. Designed for immigrants in healthcare related professions seeking to excel in crucial presentations, this course combines strategic communication concepts and practice. Acquire the skills to captivate your audience, convey ideas effectively, and leave a lasting impact in professional settings.


  • This course is offered in a block of 10 sessions.
  • We will start with a self-assessment of your communication skills and an analysis of a brief monologue or presentation.
  • A tailored program will be created based upon your assessment results.
  • In the remaining sessions, the main focus will be preparing a presentation that you will be giving in your work space.
  • You will learn and implement practical cojmmunicationstrategies for your presentation, including:
    • correct pronunciation of words
    • managing your speech rate
    • projecting your voice
    • using correct intonation patterns across your message
    • refining your language use
    • presenting from a slide deck
    • practice, practice, practice
  • All lessons will have specific objectives.
  • You will receive weekly email conmunication from me with specific items to practice daily between sessions.
  • At the end of this course, you will receive a certificate of copletion that you can share with your employer.


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