English Language Tutoring

Why would I consider this?

  • Would you like to improve your conversational English skills?
  • Are you needing help writing emails, documents, papers, etc?
  • Would you like to practice your dissertation and receive feedback on your pronunciation and use of English ?
  • Are you struggling understanding what you read?

These are only some of the reasons you may have when considering English language tutoring.

What is it?

English language tutoring is about meeting your specific needs in spoken and written language.  We can work on vocabulary,  grammar, conversations, presentations, writing and reading comprehension.

What is it not?

English language tutoring is not a program with a specific curriculum and calendar.  Rather, we work on what you need for as long as you need to.

How does the program work?

Your program will begin with a complimentary consultation where we can meet and discuss your needs.  I may recommend you complete a language assessment.  More details about that can be found on the Programs, Courses & Services page .

Once our goals are set, we will meet and work on what we’ve determined.  Our lessons may include use of third party materials, role-plays, reading and writing activities, and lots of conversation.

What are my next steps?

Once you decide you’d like to pursue English language tutoring, you need to schedule your free consulation by clicking here.  We will meet online and discuss your goals.

You may wish to do a language assessment. That can be found on the Programs, Courses & Services page.  Pricing for individual sessions and packages can be found there, too.

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